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In the beginning of time a super-horse sprung from the

Mesopotamia Valley and was known as the Arabian.

This noble creature throughout time was described with

 fascination and awe.  “The horse of the Wilderness”

has become an archetype for all civilizations

throughout time.  Symbolizing pure, untainted

beauty, deep courage and boldness of spirit.  The image

of a proud and snorting Arabian stallion, prancing in

place along side his master, evokes a deep, primal emotion

   from within many people.  The purest of the desert-

bred horse still exist in small numbers around the

world.  With approximately 800 left, the passion of

 the preservation breeder will ensure that the

Sheykh Obeyd Arabian will endure.


Avalon Mist Arabians, located outside of Harrisonburg,

Virginia is dedicated to preserving these wonderful horses.


Avalon Mist Arabians

4447 Singers Glen Rd.

Harrisonburg, Virginia 22802

(540) 867-0949

* NEW *
Check out our new
Straight Babson Egyptian
Black stallion!


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